Picking where to live at University is an important decision. Most students will need to pick where they want to live in their second year when they’ve only been living in Lincoln for a matter of months. This is why we’ve written this blog to try and help anyone who doesn’t really know the areas of Lincoln very well… if at all!

Sincil Bank

Sincil Bank is our most heavily student-populated area in terms of tenants, we even have 12 Student Housing properties on a single street (Thesiger Street). This area is just a short walk to The University of Lincoln’s Brayford Campus, and is a similar distance to get into the City centre. With the football stadium’s location falling just at the end of Sincil Bank, the area can draw in fans from around the City, which could be ideal for any Football fans out there! Sincil Bank also boasts free on-street parking on almost every street, making it perfect if you need somewhere to park your car!


West End

Although we have less tenants in the West End, it’s arguably just as popular amongst students. As you make your way through the West End, you’ll eventually come to West Common; a popular area amongst students in the summer, with goal posts, tennis courts, and even horses that roam free in the common. The West End is equally close the the University and to the City Centre, and also has some picturesque paths you can take up to the Cathedral. One of the biggest factors to take into account is where your mates live, as walking from one house in Sincil Bank to another in West Common can take good half an hour in some cases (which is a long time in Lincoln-terms). With regards to parking, the West End is almost entirely made up of permit parking – so bare this in mind if you’re planning on bringing your car!


Monks Road

The Monks Road area is popular amongst Student Nurses due to its close positioning to the Hospital. Monks Road is also closely located to some of Lincoln’s most recent developments in both retail and hospitality, the Cornhill Quarter, as well as one of Lincoln’s most beautiful parks, Lincoln Arboretum. Monks Road, in most cases, will take longer to walk to the University as you need to make your way through the City Centre first, however this is in no means stating that it is a long walk to the Uni! Monks Road has a mix of parking availability, with some free on-street, and some permit – it’ll be worth checking before you apply for a house!



Finally, Uphill is a popular location with the students of Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU), however we do still have some tenants that live Uphill and attend the University of Lincoln. Both the Cathedral and the Castle are Uphill, as well as a wide array of pubs, bars and restaurants that gradually lead you down into the City Centre. If you’re looking for a house with parking spaces, properties Uphill might be your best bet – you’ll probably end up using your car fairly often to avoid walking up and down the steep hill on a regular basis.

Lincoln is a great little city, with lots of areas to choose from. If you’re still unsure on where to live in Lincoln, you may need to prepare and prioritise what you want in a property location – if so you can read our advice on what to consider before getting your student property here. If you’ve got any questions about where to live in Lincoln, feel free to get in touch at [email protected]