Financial help when you need it.

We understand that with the recent pandemic you may be having concerns that you'll be unable to pay your next due rent.




We understand the tough environment that students are currently facing. We want you to know help is available and all you have to do is ask!


Apply For A University Grant

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for a financial grant to help you pay for your time at university


Apply For A University Loan

There are a range of loans and funding options available when starting university which you may be eligible to

Short Term Loans

Enrolled full-time UK home students who are eligible for a Maintenance Loan but whose funding is delayed at the start of the academic year and who have no other means of support, may apply for a Short-term Loan from the University of Lincoln Financial Assistance Fund (ULFAF). It is a loan and therefore repayable.

The University of Lincoln has authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority to give debt advice and issue short term loans.

Payment Plans

As a last resort you'll be able to apply for a payment plan from Student Housing. use the form below to let us know about your circumstances. We'll reach out to your landlord and return to you with how we'll be able to help.

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2 Your Finances
3 Maintenance Loan
4 Maintenance Grant
5 Casual Work
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Payment Plan Application

In order for us to asses what help is available to you we need to know a little about you and your current financial situation. We'll then use this information to negotiate a payment plan with your landlord on you behalf.

Financial IncomePlease tick financial income you have received this year

Maintenance Loan

Please tell us details about the maintenance loan you receive. Please use the dropdown boxes and submit your accompanying evidence

Maintenance Loan

You've indicated that you do not receive a maintenance loan. Please proceed to the next step.

Maintenance Grant

Please tell us details about the maintenance grant you receive. Please use the dropdown boxes and submit your accompanying evidence

Maintenance Grant

You've indicated that you're not eligible for a maintenance grant. Please proceed to the next step.

Wages from casual work

Please tell us details about type of work you complete and your weekly net pay.

Wages from casual work

You've indicated that you receive no funds from casual work. Please proceed to the next step.

Payment Plans

A payment plan is designed to allow you more time to pay rent. In certain circumstances we may be able to even offer extensions to rent past the expiry of your tenancy. In order to be able to offer this extra level of support we'll require 3 months worth of bank statements. 

Bank StatementsAre you able to provide 3 months of bank statements to support this application?

If you need help... Ask,

We want to encourage all tenants to ask for help when they need it. Please don't allow financial pressures to effect your time at university, we and others are here to help and support you.