Stuck indoors with a houseful of your mates or on your own with nothing to do except watch your favourite Netflix series again for the 9th time. Here’s Student Housing’s top tips on how to avoid boredom and make the most of your self isolation!

Tip 1: Be organised

Use this time wisely, it’s not often you’re given 10 days with nothing to do and no one to see. Why not use this time to get on top of your uni work that you’ve been pushing back for weeks? Set yourself some goals for each day, like finish 500 words by 6pm (just don’t start this goal at 5:30pm), this will help keep a bit of structure in your life, and each day you’ll be closer to finishing your isolation and finishing your uni work! This is your golden 10 days to finally catch up on everything, so use it wisely!!

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Tip 2: If you have one take-away from this blog, it’s to order less take-away…

We know you’re stuck at home, and we know how easy it is to have someone on a bike turn up at your door with bag-fulls of hot greasy food, but why not take this time to get your healthy eating back on track? Go and get out that Jamie Oliver cook book that your mum got you a few Christmases ago and try out some new healthy meals! Eating vitamin-rich foods is also going to help you recover quicker, as well as give you a bit of peace-of-mind that you’re at least eating healthy whilst you’re not able to go out and do any exercise!


Tip 3: Stay clean

When you’re stuck indoors it may seem like a good idea to stay in your bed all day, but it’s important to stay clean! Get out of bed and get in the shower, or maybe have a nice long bath seeing as you’ve got nothing to do all day. Then give your room (and even the rest of your house if you’re that bored) a good clean. You’ll hopefully find it a lot easier to stay organised and on top of things when you’re sat in a spotless room! If you’re in a houseshare with your mates that haven’t tested positive, then this point is especially important. Make sure you’re wiping everything down with antiseptic wipes/spray and avoiding spreading your germs as much as possible.


Tip 4: Be social (from a distance)

Just because you’re self isolating it doesn’t mean you have to fully isolate yourself from the world. Thankfully nowadays all of your friends and family are likely to be just a few clicks away on your phone, so why not text them or give them a video call? You can even take this time to check in on friends and family who might be isolating as well, and do your good deed for the day by checking in!


Tip 5: Use your time wisely

This is your chance to read that book you always wanted to read! Or to learn a new skill! Or to develop your CV! Although you can’t go outside into the world to learn any new skills, there’s plenty you can do in isolation. The internet is likely going to be your best friend throughout your isolation (if it’s not already) so if there are any skills you’ve ever wanted to learn, this is your chance to watch every YouTube video and read every blog about it. So use your time wisely – of course some of the days can be spent lounging around in your pyjamas, just at least spend some of the time working on yourself!


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