Latest Update:

We’re pleased to announce that after lengthy discussions with members of our industry and, in accordance with the latest government guidelines, we are going to resume physical viewings on enquiry from Monday 22nd March.

In order to maintain safety as our number one priority, prospective tenants will be required to wear face masks throughout their viewing and will also need to apply hand sanitiser before entering a property. In addition to this, when larger groups are viewing a property, we may split the prospective tenants into smaller, separate groups to minimise the number of people attending a property at any one time.

Furthermore, we will continue to regularly review our viewings policy to take into account any updates to government advice.

We have a number of properties still available across the city, with variety to cater for all group sizes, preferred locations, and budgets to ensure that you can find your perfect home for the 2021/22 academic year!

So, if you’d like to book your physical viewing, give us a call on 01522 410 646 or email us at [email protected]

Student Housing x

Last Updated 22/03/21


What happens if I get locked out?

Our intention is to come out to you and let you back in to the property. As our offices will be closed, we will not be able to let you back in during our normal office hours at no cost. Don’t worry though, we will still be able to let you in, but attendance may be slightly delayed going forward. As out offices are closed the standard £50 lockout charge will apply.

Can I drop out of my house next year because I’m worried about coronavirus?

No. Your tenancy does not allow you to leave because of concerns about coronavirus, we can of course speak to your landlord on your behalf and see if allowances can be made. Alternatively you may wish to follow the severance procedure.

You can find out more information about the Student Housing severance procedure at

Can we leave the tenancy because of coronavirus?

No. Unfortunately the tenancy does not allow you to forgo your commitments if diagnosed as suffering from coronavirus. You are however welcome to follow the severance procedure.

More information on our severance procedure can be found online at

I’m worried about living in Lincoln, can I leave my tenancy?

Yes. At student housing we offer a severance procedure. If you’ve already signed your tenancy agreement and now wish to change your plans, we allow you to remove yourself from the agreement so long as you find a suitable replacement.

More information can be found about our severance procedure at

If the university closes can I end my tenancy?

Unfortunately not. Your tenancy and attendance at the university and your tenancy agreement are not legally linked. If the university were to stop online teaching you would still be required to pay you rent. You’re not required to live at the property but would be responsible for rent payments. You can of course end your tenancy under our severance procedure.

More information on severance is provided here:

Can we refuse entry for maintenance?

No. But we’re already doing a lot to minimise visits to your property where we can. There are a number of instances that we may still require access such as to complete urgent maintenance or safety checks at your property. We have an obligation to complete these items but will work with you to limit this were possible.

Will I still get my student loan next semester?

Yes. We’ve been advised by Student Finance England that all tuition and maintenance loans are still scheduled to be paid as normal. Typically the University will require you to enrol before loans are paid. We believe the University will make announcements about online enrolment for semester 3 however this is yet to be confirmed.

What can we do to protect ourselves from Coronavirus?

We’re advising all tenants to follow government advice. If you or your housemates have symptoms you should isolate for 14 days. Continue good hygiene practices by washing your hands regularly and limit your social interactions where possible.

If I’m self isolating do my housemates need to isolate too?

Yes. The government has advised that if you’re living in a shared household that you and your housemates should self isolate for 14 days. Please inform us if you’re self isolating by emailing us at [email protected]

Do I need to inform you that I’m self isolating?

Yes, we’re asking any tenant in self isolation to email us at [email protected] and inform us. Please inform us of your last date of isolation and if the rest of your housemates are also isolating.

Will the next rent payment be delayed?

At present the government have indicated that there will be no changes to student finance. Student Finance England will continue to make maintenance payments to yourself and tuition payments your University.

At the moment there are no delays to when rent will be due, please follow your payment schedule provided.

We’re worried about the Virus and our bill allowance…

We’ve heard from a few tenants who are worried that as they will spend the majority of their time at home that they may go over their bill allowance. We’re closely monitoring this situation and will keep you informed with regards to your usage. We’re speaking with landlords on a case by case basis to add increased limits to properties. If you feel that you’ll need an increased limit please contact your account manager who will speak with your landlord.

What are you doing to protect us from coronavirus?

At Student Housing we take tenant safety extremely importantly. We are limiting visits to your property wherever possible. We won’t be carrying out inspections or viewings and limiting visits to maintenance and safety. We may need your help collecting meter readings, taking videos for viewings or helping arrange maintenance. Your account manager will be in touch if these relate to you or your property.

If I go home will I get a refund?

Unfortunately we’re unable to offer rent refunds or discounts if you decide to no longer reside in the property.

Do I have to leave my accommodation?

No, we’re not advising any tenants to leave. You may of course return home at any tine at your own discretion, you’re welcome to use and enjoy your accommodation as normal until the last day of your tenancy.

I’m Returning Home… What Do I Do?

If you plan to return home during the pandemic we’re asking that you notify us as soon as possible via email at [email protected] Please be sure to let us know if any of your housemates remain within the property as this can effect the landlords insurance.

We recommend taking your perishable food items home or donating surplus non-perishable items to local food banks. Ensure all windows and doors are locked and the heating switched off.

In line with an announcement from the government last night allowing Lettings & Estate Agencies in the UK to remain open during lockdown 3 we’ll be remaining open with limited service. We’ll be operating under strict social distancing guidelines and ask that you only visit the office if necessary and by appointment.

We understand that government restrictions allow for house viewings and home moves to be completed as before, allowing for social distancing guidelines and the provision and wearing of face coverings. We’ll be asking all viewings to sanitise their hands before any viewing and split groups to reduce overcrowding. We’ll always notify you of any viewing in advance and your attendance is not required.

We’ll be limiting visits to your property and work as remotely as possible. Maintenance services will continue as normal, but please bear with us as we deal with these issues during unprecedented times.

We’ll still operate our new viewings policy which has greatly reduced the number of viewings from an average of 5.5 viewings per house down to just one viewing (where possible). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]

Student Housing x

Last Updated 05/12/21


In line with an announcement from the government last night allowing Lettings & Estate Agencies in the UK to re-open we’ll be re-opening our Office from Monday May 18th. We’ll be operating under strict social distancing guidelines and ask that you only visit the office if necessary.

We understand that as restrictions are lifted many of you will wish to return to Lincoln in order to collect your remaining possessions, if you’re planning on returning keys, you must ensure all your possessions are removed from the property and the property left clean and tidy.

In order to return your keys you are able to either visit the office, post them in person using the key return box at the back of the office or via recorded postal delivery. Please note that keys should be placed in an envelope clearly stating your name but not your address. We are unable to accept responsibility for any lost keys.

As the country starts to resume ‘business as usual’ we will start conducting inspections and viewings at properties, we’ll be sticking to strict social distancing guidelines for both the safety of our tenants and our team, we will provide you prior notice of our attendance. If you are self isolating, please do let us know so that the appointment can be re-scheduled.

Student Housing x

Last Updated 13/05/20

Following the statement from the PM on Monday, we’ve reviewed our business practices and in order to best protect you, your housemates, our team and our tradesmen. On Tuesday we moved to make the office by appointment only and to limit visits to your property. We’ve decided that further action will be required and as such from 5pm on Friday 20th March our office will close until further notice.

We will still be reachable via the contact forms on our website, telephone (01522 410 646) or email ([email protected]).

We urge you to still report any maintenance at your property, we’ll be attending urgent jobs for the time being, less urgent issues will be assessed and may not be able to be completed during these uncertain times.

We want to thank you for your patience and co-operation and want to ensure you that we’re doing everything we can to minimise disruption to your tenancy whilst trying to limit visits to your property.

We still urge you to follow advice of the Government and the University during this pandemic and ask that you inform us if you are self isolating within the property or if you’ve decided to go home.

Student Housing x

Last Updated 18/03/20


Following on from the statement provided by the PM last night we’ll be reviewing our business practices. For now we will continue to be open.

We’ve decided to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our staff, tenants and tradesmen. From 9am today (Tuesday 17th March) we’ll be limiting visits to your property to essential visits only by way to reduce non essential contact.

Moving forward our office will remain open but we urge you to contact us via phone on 01522 410 646 or email at [email protected] rather than visit in person.

Currently there are no confirmed cases within Lincoln however we do expect this to soon change. We urge you to inform us should you start to self isolate.

Following government advice, if any resident shows symptoms of COVID-19 we advise all residents to self isolate and inform us of your actions.

We’ll be reviewing our policies daily and will update this webpage. We urge you to follow university and government advice.

We’re making plans to move our business operations online during this difficult time.

Student Housing x

Updated 17/03/20



At present Student Housing is operating as business as usual.

We are monitoring the situation closely and preparing now so we can respond quickly should the situation change. We, at Student Housing, are following advice from Public Health England and Foreign Commonwealth Office and ensuring both staff, trades and students are aware of official guidance and advice.

Tenants, Trades and Staff are being advised to practice good hygiene and the University is taking extra precautionary measures with its cleanliness.

We’re asking all tenants to inform us should they suffer from a confirmed case of coronavirus COVID-19 immediately OR if you are self-isolating due to having experienced symptoms indicative of the virus.

A senior team of colleagues is meeting regularly to  work through how the University plans and adapts as the situation changes.
These plans include how we will support tenants and housemates who may become ill or need to self-isolate, and considers the impact of inviting students to return home, delaying maintenance, inspections and viewings.

You can raise any queries you may have about your accommodation by emailing us at [email protected] or via 01522 410 656.

In the event of a confirmed case of coronavirus at any larger accommodation block. All tenants will hear from us promptly and, as per Public Health England advice, anyone who may have been directly exposed will be contacted with advice on what to do next by the relevant officials.

We are proud of our community and we know our staff and students will do all they can to protect and support one another at this difficult time.

Please note that should the situation escalate and our ability to operate is compromised due to the virus, our services will be limited immediately and without prior notice. Please continue to monitor your emails and our social media for further updates. If you have recently changed your contact details, please inform us as soon possible so we can ensure you receive all relevant correspondence.

Student Housing

Updated 13/03/20