Application Process (T&C’s of application) – The £50 application holding deposit is non refundable.

If you’d like to live in one of our advertised properties next year, we’ll require you to complete an online application for the property. If you’re applying for the property as a group we’ll require all members of the group to complete the application to reserve the property for your group (You’ll need one group member per bedroom in order to reserve the property). Once all applications have been received from your group you’ll have reserved the property for up to 14 days.

Within these 14 days you’ll be required to ensure each tenant has a UK based guarantor willing to guarantee the tenancy. We do not credit check guarantors but do require them to be UK nationals with valid citizenship and the right to live in the UK themselves.

Should an applicant be unable to provide a UK based guarantor, tenants may be able to find guarantee via a 3rd party such as Housing Hand. Details on this can be found here

Further to ensuring all guarantors have completed their online guarantor declaration form which can be found here, applicants must also sign the pre prepared tenancy agreement within 14 days of successful application. Should applicants not be able to sign the prepared tenancy within 14 days of successful application the application will expire and holding deposits retained by the agency.

In the event that multiple groups apply for the same property, the first group with a full set of applications and full set of holding deposits paid will be deemed as successful. We’re unable to hold or reserve any property for any group without a full set of applications. Applications are deemed as being “full” when there is one applicant per bedroom in the property. – Properties are essentially reserved on a first come first served basis. 

In the event multiple applications from multiple groups are received for the same property, the unsuccessful group’s holding deposits will be refunded within 10 working days.

In the event of ‘non-full’ applications where for example 3 persons apply for a 4 bedroom property, we’re unable to refund your application holding deposits and unable to hold the property until a full set of applications are received for that property. We may be able to move your application over to a second property but reserve the right to refuse applications for not meeting requirements.

In the event that applicants are not able to visit to physically sign their tenancy, it may be possible for the managing agent to provide a digital copy of the tenancy to be signed. This also must be returned in high quality within 14 days of successful application. If applicants are unable to sign the tenancy within the 14 day reservation period the application will be deemed to have “expired” and the holding deposit will not be refunded to the applicants.

Upon successful application a tenancy agreement will be pre-prepared, it will not be deemed as ready to sign until all guarantors have been received for each tenant individually. The agent will be unable to allow any tenant to sign this agreement until all guarantors have been received. This must also be done within 14 days of the successful application.

The agent and landlord reserves the right to reject or cancel any application for any reason inside or outside of the 14 day reservation period. Applying for a property does not constitute a contractual relationship between the applicant, agent or landlord, it is to be deemed as an application for tenancy not creation of a legal relationship.

Should you have any further questions regarding application or tenancy please contact [email protected] or call 01522 410 646