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Additional Details
Medical Conditions?Do you have any medical conditions which could effect your tenancy?
Guarantor Details
Oops, In order to progress your application you'll need a UK based guarantor.
We're unable to progress your application further at this time, please use the below links to explore other options. Alternatively if you're able to pay the entire rent in advance prior to your tenancy start - we won't require a guarantor to progress your application.

Housing Hand - (Visit https://my.housinghand.co.uk/register for more info)

Rent Guarantee - (Visit https://rentguarantor.com/tenants/students for more info)

If your parent, sibling (18+), or guardian is unable to provide a rent guarantee you'll need to get a 3rd party company to guarantee you. We recommend the above companies who will be able to provide a guarantee for your tenancy.
Holding Deposit
Holding Deposit (Required: £50)In order to progress your application we require you to pay a £50 holding deposit, your holding deposit is used towards your initial months rent at the beginning of the tenancy. If you decide not to continue with your application this deposit is non-refundable.
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Please Note: A £50 Holding deposit is required to apply for the property. Upon successful application your holding deposit will be retained towards your first rent payment.
By submitting this application you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Application Process. If you'd like more information on our terms of service, please call us on 01522 410 646.

Application Process

If you've found the perfect house, we'd invite you to apply for tenancy. One application per tenant is required. If applying as part of a group, all applications will need to be submitted before we can reserve the property for your group. The reservation lasts up to 14 days from initial application.

Step 1 
Application - All members of your group (one person per bedroom) will need to fill in the above application form. Your 14 day reservation period will start from the first received application. You have 14 days to complete the below 2 steps.

Step 2:
Guarantors - We'll need your guarantor to fill out an online form. When you submit the above form, we'll automatically send an email to your guarantor. If you input the wrong email, you'll need to head to https://studenthousinglincoln.co.uk/guarantor/ and submit the form manually.

Step 3:
Tenancy Agreement - We'll send you a digital tenancy agreement to sign. You can view a draft agreement here: https://studenthousinglincoln.co.uk/tenants/downloads/

If you opted to view the property physically, you'll have just 24hrs from the time of the viewing to sign and return your tenancy agreement to us.

You have 14 days from initial application to complete the above 3 steps. If you fail to sign your tenancy within 14 days of application, we'll have to re-market the property and will be re-let on a first come first serve basis. (In certain circumstances we may be able to offer an extension to this deadline, please get in touch if you require an extension).

Please note, your application fee is non-refundable. Please ensure you're certain about your property choice before applying. If applying as part of a group, you'll need 1 tenant per bedroom to apply, we're unable to refund applications so please ensure you have the correct group size for the property.