As it’s Earth Day, we thought we’d share some tips on how to keep your student garden in prime condition ready for summer. Read to the bottom of this blog to find out where to get your free garden kit!

Plant some veg!

If you’re living in a flat or just have a student house without a garden, don’t be disheartened! Growing in containers can be a good alternative to having a garden, in fact there’s an organisation dedicated to helping you grow veg in small spaces:

If you do have a student garden, then have a look for where in your garden gets the longest amount of sun throughout the day. If this area of your garden gets 3 hours of sun or more a day, you’ll be able to grow salad leaves or other leafy greens. If this part of your garden gets 5-6 hours of sunlight, you’ll be able to grow peas, beans and potato. With 7+ hours, you’ll be able to grow things like tomatoes and courgettes. If you need help with knowing when to water your veg, have a read of the free garden kit section!

Set up a bbq spot (without using a trolley)

If you’ve got a bbq already, then you won’t really need to set anything up other than gathering a few chairs and filling a bucket with ice for some beers. We’d also recommend not stealing and using a trolley like you can see in the photo above, although that idea definitely deserves some recognition. However, if you’re planning on using a disposable bbq like we’re sure many will, you’ll need to ensure this is not done on the grass in your garden for obvious reasons – if you set your student house on fire then getting your deposit back will be the least of your worries. Set it up on your patio, and if you don’t have a patio then try to find some bricks or anything non-flammable to set the bbq up on.

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Get your FREE garden kit – click here

Anglian water are sending out free garden kits to keep your garden looking great for summer. These kits are designed to lower your water usage and improve your garden, all in the spirit of Earth Day! The garden kit comes with four tools, a water mat, a water stick, SwellGel, and seedballs. The water mat allows you to keep your plants watered for a week, and similarly the SwellGel releases water as and when the plants need it. The water stick is a moisture probe which when stuck into soil can sense when the time is right to water your houseplants. And finally, if you can’t guess what seedballs are, they’re balls of wildflower seeds which are bee and butterfly friendly!